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Due to labor costs, market size, state support and other factors, the price of electric vehicles in China has a huge advantage over other countries

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The market of electric cars from China presents cars of various segments:
From the smallest economy minicars to large SUVs to business MPVS

From the energy type electric vehicles can be divided into pure electric, plug-in hybrid, extended range.

What is extended range EV vehicles?

Extended Range Electric Vehicles are vehicles in which propulsion power is provided almost entirely by an electric unit. They are additionally equipped with a small internal combustion engine to generate additional energy.

Representative brand: Li Auto

What is plug-in hybrid vehicles?

The battery of a plug-in hybrid car can be charged by an external power source or by an internal combustion engine. Depending on the road conditions, the vehicle will automatically choose the best drive mode between the electric motor and the engine.

Representative brand: BYD, Lynk&Co

What is pure electric vehicles?

Pure Electic Vehicles run off one power source only - the electric battery. There is no combustion engine present which means they are the cleanest option and never produce tailpipe emissions and hence the most sustainable.

Representative brand: NIO, HiPhi

Technology and quality

Compared with foreign electric vehicles, the core advantages of Chinese electric vehicles are mainly reflected in the technology. In 2021, Chinese new energy vehicle enterprises obtained more than 30,000 related patents, accounting for 70 % of the global total. China is far ahead of Europe and the United States in terms of vehicle technologies such as dedicated platforms for pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, as well as key core technologies such as power batteries and third-generation semiconductors. China is the "leader" of the world's electric vehicle industry.


Many of the world's leading power battery companies come from China, such as BYD, CATL. Electric cars from China are catching up with their gas-powered counterparts in terms of mileage range, thanks to innovations in power battery technology.

"My daughter is in love with my electric car. She likes to watch cartoons in my car."
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