Li Xiang L9
Li Xiang L9
Basic information

Manufacturers:Li Auto (IDEAL)

Level:large SUV

Body:5218x1998x1800 mm

Energy type:Extender

Driving form:4WD

Motor:front + rear motor

Maximum power:330 KW

Maximum power:449 Ps

Maximum torque:620 Nm

0-100Km/h acceleration time:5.3 S

Power consumption / 100 km:22.2 kWh

Cruising range:1100 KM (WLTC)



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committed to exporting
electric cars
made in China
Energy type
Pure electricity
Plug-in hybrid
No.1999 Shenkun Road,
Minhang District, Shanghai, China
(+86) 18616800068
(+86) 18012477880

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